Sanni McCandless is a transition coach for outdoor and adventure-focused individuals who want to create more intentional lifestyles. She helps her clients work through the limiting beliefs that often get in the way of creating the life we really want. She is also the co-founder of Outwild, an event series for those looking to create a more outdoor and value-driven lifestyle. 

Sanni quit her job at an energy efficiency startup a couple of years ago to start her own business and hasn’t looked backed since. She spends her winters living and climbing in the moderate temperatures of Las Vegas Nevada, and her summers on the road and on the towers of the Yosemite valley, living and working out of a sweet van with her boy friend, the one and only Alex Honnold.   

The first thing I noticed during my

conversation with Sanni, is that she is truly wise beyond her years. She has the unique ability to articulate the frustrations and challenges a lot of us face, and even better, she has some practical solutions for confronting those challenges. Sanni examines the fears and self doubt that often get in the way of building fulfilling careers and lifestyles. 

Most of us are inundated from a very young age with fearful messages about how we shouldn’t question the status quo or how we should design our lives the way our parents did, or our older brother did. Most of us drift, that is we let external circumstances determine where we go in life, instead of our internal desires.   

In contrast, Sanni asks the tough questions, the ones we probably  all should be asking ourselves.  

1. What do I really want from life? To spend all my time at a job I hate or isn’t a good fit, or dedicating myself to something that’s actually meaningful to me, and that I enjoy. 

2. What am I willing to do to get to where I want? Make some more excuses and put it off or not think about it - or put in the work and grind until I get there.  

3. What is holding me back? Why am I afraid of going after what I want? Allow not knowing where to start paralyze you, or the possibility of failure or judgment terrify you, or stepping up to the challenge and just going for it.

In my opinion, putting some thought into these questions is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves, no matter what situation or stage of life you’re in.


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What listeners are saying

Hey Jeremy - I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you! Your podcast has been a huge inspiration to me. A friend of mine turned me on to your podcast and your interviews have reignited the spark in me to build a bridge between my career as a therapist and my passion for the outdoors. So thank you!

- Jenn

I will be on your show someday. That’s my goal!

- Kaley S.

Jeremy - I’m stoked that you’ve realized your “why” is to help people, because it is very apparent and you have a real talent for connecting with people. I could always tell that through the genuine conversations you have on your podcast, and now that you took the time to talk to me individually, I can tell first hand as well.

- Zach K.

I wanted to thank you because it's with your podcast, that I'm finding many sources of inspiration and motivation with the stories of people that have been successful following their dreams and passions. Your podcast gave me the confidence to push harder and made me realize that I can build my own dream, and that's what I'm doing. I hope one day I get to meet you in person.

- Sergio M.