If you ski, chances are you’ve seen my guest Johnny Collinson all over the place. 

On top of being the youngest person ever to summit the world’s highest peaks on each continent, the so-called 7 summits, earning him a place in the Guinness book or world records, Johnny Collinson is an accomplished mountaineer, climber, and free skier. He is sponsored by some of the planets most admired brands, like the North Face, Red Bull, Smith and Kettle Chips. 

You can regularly see him ripping down huge snow-covered faces in many of the most bad ass ski films out there and is definitely one of Teton Gravity Research’s go-to- athlete's.

He’s also just a really stellar guy. I had the chance to meet him at his house in Little Cottonwood Canyon

in Utah and I really enjoyed his humble, down to earth, and insightful outlook. 

That outlook comes in no small part because John comes from a pretty amazing family. His parents were very supportive of him and his sister Angel (who is also a pro skier), encouraging them to set their sights high and build audacious goals starting at a very young age. As the success started to roll in, the Collinson’s were adamant about keeping John and Angel humble and respectful - while still totally killing it in everything they do - which I think is really cool and admirable.

Johnny and I talked about goal setting, how to build a personal brand, building big-time sponsorships, learning to seize opportunities that come your way, how to build a killer lifestyle doing what you love all the time, failure, and the importance of relationships (aka staying up to party apres ski).


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