Today on the show I have Travis Bluemling, Chris Parks, and Ross Jennings - collectively they make up the content creation company Three Wheels Co. You may remember Ross from episode #9 when we talked about his journey to travel to every single country in the world playing bag pipes. 

I really enjoyed this episode, and here’s why. A) because Ross, Chris and Travis are hilarious and we shared a lot of laughs and B) There are a lot of greatnuggets - really tangible lessons that are useful for when you're just starting out building an alternative income stream, or when you’ve been around the block a few times and maybe have a business already.

 One of the lessons I thought was important is that you never know who you might end up working with. If you run across someone that captivates you, either online or in real life, think about how you might be able to add value to what they are doing and reach out to them. That’s exactly what Travis, Chris and Ross did. Ross decided it was smarter to pool resources as a collective group of travelers and content creators than to do it on his own. 

Another interesting aspect, and one that at first glance might seem like a failure or a major set back - is that sometimes shit doesn’t work out. The four of us actually recorded this episode a few months ago, and since then Chris, Travis and Ross actually decided Three Wheels Co wasn’t working out. They were brave and realistic enough to say - okay there’s a few things not working here, I think we should re-stragize and do what’s best for each of us. This is really important, and something I can speak to from personal experience. Business relationships are like romantic relationships - sometimes it can be hard to break up. But be honest with yourself and listen to your gut, and usually that’s the best course to follow. I have no doubt whatever these guys do, they’ll be successful because they have the right perspective.

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