My guest today, Ross Jennings, did all the "right" things growing up. He went to school, took music lessons, studied hard, got a job, made pretty good money, and then he was like: wait a minute, is this it? He was convinced that there had to be more to life than cubicles, boring work, and shitty bosses. After some time asking himself "what the hell am I going to do, this sucks", on a whim he stumbled across an event in London called the Adventure Travel show. There he was exposed to some cool ideas and even cooler people. Ross met this guy, Dave Cornthwaite - who is this whacky entrepreneur who calls

himself a "self-propelled record-breaking adventurer", which basically means he breaks world records by embarking on these crazy long un-motorized journeys, you know things like skateboarding across Australia and water-biking 1000 miles around Norway.

Ross was intrigued, understandably so. That night, he went home and decided he was going to be the first person to play the bagpipes in every single country on the planet. And that's exactly what he's done.

Along the way, Ross has become a successful entrepreneur and public speaking, founding a content creation company called Three Wheels and sharing stories of his journeys and success psychology to audiences all over the world. .... and oh does he have stories to tell. 

What I think I loved most about this episode was not just how Ross has designed a compelling and sustainable way to bake adventure and new experiences into his day to day life, but also how effectively music can bring people together. I love the bagpipes, I'm a nut. Maybe it's my heritage or something, but with the drone and everything, it just makes me happy. What I find so fascinating, is that all Ross has to do is pull out his pipes, play a couple of notes, and all the sudden all of our cultural differences, religious point of views, politicial idealogies, fade away - and we're just able to connect over music. 

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