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On the pod today I have Dutch academic, author, and fear expert Roanne Van Voorst. In late 2017, Roanne published a book called Fear: Extreme athletes on how to reach your highest goals and overcome stress and self-doubt. Roanne’s book dissects all things fear from how pervasive it is in our daily lives to practical tips to overcome it. Through the lens of names like Lynn Hill, Steph Davis, Cedric Dumont, Alain Robert and Alex Honnold among many others, Roanne’s mission is to get to the bottom of what makes these seemingly

fearless athletes and coaches tick. Spoiler alert, it’s not what you might think. 

And as a gentle reminder, getting a handle on fear is so important guys. It truly is where the gates to the kingdom either remain locked or are pried open with a whole lot of practice. 

Before I get into my convo with Roanne, I wanted to mention an upcoming event. 

A few episodes ago, I introduced you to Tyler Tringas, if you remember he is a successful serial entrepreneur who’s latest project is the venture fund Earnest Capital, which helps bootstrappers like you and me raise early stage funding for their businesses.

Well, the person who introduced me to Tyler is a mutual friend of ours and part of this podcast community — Eric Shutt, Founder of the brand marketing consultancy, SummitX. This March, I’m partnering with Eric on a 4 day ski retreat for leaders in business and tech in Jackson Hole, WY. 

I’ll be doing a live podcast recording, we’ll be skiing a bunch of days at Jackson, and hearing from some of the brightest thought leaders in leadership development - all scheduled around a little Aprés of course. 

If you or anyone you know is interested, feel free to use the referral code APP for $500 off the registration. If you have any questions hit me up, or head over to summitx.co/trips for more info.

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SummitX Leadership Retreat in Jackson Hole, WY - March 6-10, 2019