Photo by  Bjarne Salen .

Photo by Bjarne Salen.

My guest today is a legend, and if you’ve been in the outdoor space long enough you either know him or have heard his name floating around. Penn Newhard is the founder of Backbone Media, a public relations, media, social and content agency headquartered in Carbondale CO that has over the years built a client base of some of the most admired outdoor and lifestyle brands out there. Penn is also a co-author of the awe-inducing 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America, an enthralling coffee table book highlighting some of the most iconic backcountry ski descents in the world. Penn is also an active climate change and community activist and has served on the board of both Protect Our Winters and the 5point Adventure Film Festival, to name only a few.

My conversation with Penn is a deep dive into his story and his perspective on the world, and explores topics like having a healthy perspective on death

Hanging with Penn Neward at Backbone Media HQ in Carbondale, CO.

Hanging with Penn Neward at Backbone Media HQ in Carbondale, CO.

within the outdoor community, choosing location over vocation, the importance of patience and commitment, why you need to be bold and sometimes even naive, and Parenting while also leading a life of risk and adventure.

By the time this one is over, my guess is you’ll be joining me in calling Penn a favorite within our community.

Okay, without further ado - here’s my conversation with Penn Newhard. Enjoy comrades.

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