Paul Kirwin is a seriel entrepreneur with a strong track record for building companies that have fundamentally changed the way retail companies sell their products. 

He has been the founder and CEO of companies like Kirwin Productions and 3.5 (now Experticity). 

His most recent company, Channel Signal, works with clients like Microsoft, Under Armour, New Balance, and Black Diamond to collect, measure, and analyze product reviews.

Paul was recently rated ‘one of the 10 most influential people in the outdoor industry’ - which generates more than $887 Billion in annual consumer spending. As a matter of fact, Americans spend more on outdoor recreation than they do on

pharmacueticals and fuel combined - so it’s a booming industry.   

Throughout his career, Paul has always been intentional about leveraging entrepreneurship to enable his desired lifestyle. 

He firmly believes we should work to live not live to work. He has no problem attracting top talent at his companies, because in addition to having a compelling vision for the business, he is also able to create a great environment for both himself and his employees. 

Whether it’s Mt biking the single track in park city, Utah on the way to work or Fly fishing the stream right outside the office at lunch, he tries to focus on building meaningful and enjoyable experiences into the day to day. 

This ethos pays off too. 

It’s probably not surprising that this type of workplace design has a way of creating happy employees. 

And of course when you have happy employees, you have happy customers, and in turn - a thriving business - which is exactly what Paul has done, time and time again.


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