8/22/19 Newsletter

Hey Amigos!

Here's your weekly dose of 5 Wisdom Nuggets, a list of what I'm enjoying and finding interesting or useful.

Song of the week:
Dirty Heads - VacationIt's just so damn catchy, be ready for it to stick in your head for days - but don't say I didn't warn you. Here's the YouTube version šŸ˜† 

If you're looking for something to listen to while you get work done or hone focus, checkout Brain.fm. It gets you into a deep state of concentration after listening for about 10 minutes, plus they have music for mediation and sleeping too. TIP: be sure to listen with headphones for a better user experience.

Quote I love:
"Care [too much] about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." - Lao Tzu

Book that I'm reading:
Deep Work by Cal Newportļ»æ


Honestly, I've been loving this book! Cal's main thesis is that we are all so distracted by our devices, screens, instant messaging, email, social media, and even open floor plans at our offices - that we've lost our ability to do deep, focused, and important work.

He coined the phrase "Deep Work," which he defines as activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit.

He argues that the ability to perform deep work has become so rare (he even calls it the "superpower of the 21st century"), that those who are able to do it will have a massive economic and professional advantage in the future. 

I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to be more and do more. BTW - That's a picture of my copy of the book above. You may have seen the tabs on the side, and if you're interested in my system of how to remember and quickly reference everything I ever read, I wrote a blog post about it here

Cool adventure guide book I ran across:
Wildsam Fieldguides. Got the one for the American Southwest and Denver and really digging them.

Podcast nugget of the week:
I recently found this eclectic list of the "50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2018," and I've been starting to listen to a few and really liking what I'm hearing. It's really cool to be exposed to stuff I wouldn't otherwise find. 

Also, a few weeks ago I sat down with Cody Townsend at his house to chat about how he navigated a dark period of reinventing himself after a stratospheric rise to the top of the pro skier food chain by skiing this insane line

Untitled design-22.png

The thing I like about Cody is that his successes didn't come from a stroke of good luck or his NorCal good looks. The guy works his ass off and deserves every bit of it. I think that's an important lesson to remember pals. If you're interested in any of that and much more, you can hear the whole story wherever you get your pods.

Alright that's it for this week, thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


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Jeremy Jensen is an entrepreneur, speaker, and mountain sports athlete - passionate about helping people lead authentic and intentional lives, rich with experiences that make them feel alive! He is the creator of the Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast, cofounder of Outwild, and a committed flow states junky šŸ˜‰ 

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