So on today’s show, I’m going to try something new. Today, I have a mini episode for you. 

You may remember from last time in my conversation with Brody Leven that I highlighted a member of the APP community (btw guys, the name of my show is mouthful, so you’ll start to hear me refer to the Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast in shorthand as APP) - anyway I talked about the story of Take Me Out There, a new adventure business launched in part using some of the resources from this show. 

I’m going to take that concept a step further and now make mini episodes out of these community stories, and the plan is to rotate them bi-weekly between the more long-form full length interview episodes I do. In these new mini episodes, I’m also going to throw in a little nugget - a quick commentary on either a concept from the chat with the community member or something useful and important I’m been thinking about that week. Obviously, I hope this is of value to you guys - but it is a prototype, so if you hate it - let me know and we’ll iterate - if you love it, sweet we’ll keep it going but I need to hear from you. Don’t forget you all, I’m big on co-creation - meaning using you the community to create a show for you the community. 

Okay, so today’s community story is about Zach Kenney. I’ll let Zach tell his own story, but basically he found a creative way to take things into his own hands and build a life he is totally amped about - one centered around adventure and spending time doing the things he enjoys, instead of the things he dreads. Listen in to hear his story.

For the nugget of the week, I'm talking about one of the concepts I’ve been really obsessed with and digging into: Flow. Listen in to hear more.

Show Resources:

Community Story Spotlight: Zach Kenney

Stealing Fire - Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal

Flow Genome Project

Frank Scotti - Nomad Inc.

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Tony Robbins - Peak state priming technique