Dave Mossop is the cofounder of Sherpas Cinema, one of the most - if not the most cutting edge, innovative outdoor film production studios out there. In fact Sherpas has been cited as redefining what is possible in outdoor film. Dave and his team have created some of the most stunning imagery I’ve ever seen, and likely a lot of what you’ve seen but may not know it. With big productions like All I Can, Into the Mind, Imagination, and their latest film - Loved By All - Sherpas has received countless top awards from most of the well-known Outdoor Film Festivals globally. They also work with some of the biggest house hold names out there: Google, Audi, The North Face, Asics, the list goes on and on.

What I loved about this conversation is that Dave has such an authentic and palpable appreciation for the things he cares about. Whether its the places he visits, or the new filming techniques he’s learning, or the people he’s met and lost along the way, whatever it is - there’s this deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity, which I just find really cool.

With this episode, you get a little bit of everything - just the way I like it. We zig in and out of self-actualization, living life to the fullest, the role of art in outdoor film, virtual reality, and of course some good old dirt bag stories too. 

Hope you enjoy it!

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Sherpas Cinema Instagram

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