In this episode, I’m chatting with Brody Leven - a professional adventurer, activist, and skier. Brody is a unique breed of professional athlete, namely because you won’t necessarily find him hucking backflips off of gnarly cornices in Alaska in the latest TGR ski movie. Instead you’ll find him undertaking a journey to Uganda to ski the last remaining glacier on the African continent, or creating a documentary about an intense first ascent of a remote couloir in Georgia’s (the country that is) Caucusus mountains.

Brody is also an avid outdoor advocate, dedicating about half of his time volunteering for ogranizations like Protect Our Winters, Heal Utah, Winter Wildlands Alliance - among others.

We talked at length about the latest challenges facing activism how people can get involved and make a meaningful difference with very little effort.

 One of the most interesting parts of this episode for me, was a discussion around ego, which is something Brody is very thoughtful about. For him, it’s not about the look at me, look what I just did factor. It’s much more about taking on challenges and building a life around things that makes him feel alive. I think this is a really important distinction to make, one that in my opinion is the difference between short-term vain and glamour and more long-term fulfillment and happiness.

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