Today I have a very special episode for you. My guest Andrew Patterson has to be one of the most thoughtful, dedicated, and altruistic guys I’ve ever met. About a year and half ago, Andrew left his comfortable corporate job to pursue a gloriously whacky idea, an idea that hit him like a lightning bolt one day and that he couldn’t stop thinking about. 

Andrew decided that he wanted to climb Table mountain in his native South Africa - which is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, every single day for a whole year. He experienced what I would call a purpose epiphany. The aim is to raise money for a group of non-profits supporting things like

anti-apartheid initiatives, education equity, poverty and starvation alleviation, and leukemia treatment and prevention - all which are big issues in South Africa.

This conversation left me humbled and introspective to say the least. We explored topics like focusing on the present, working on something bigger than ourselves, making decisions from love not fear, and the meaningful connections that follow when you pursue something you believe in.

This episode really hit home for me, and i hope it will for you too. And especially in this time of year, I hope you’ll consider supporting Andrew in his effort to impact his beautiful country in such a positive way. I donated this morning, and it feels great. If you can’t donate, then help us get the word out by telling your friends and family about Andrews story over the holiday break. 

Also, if you want to learn more about Table mountain, it’s geology etc., and see pictures from Andrew's climbs, I’ll put a link in the show notes or you can check him out at 365ubunutclimbs on IG and Facebook. Ubuntu is spelled UBUNTU and and literally means humanity, and has actually turned into a philosophy which advocates for a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity.  How’s that for a cause to rally around?

One quick note: this episode has kinda of a special format. Not only was the recording done over Skype from the US to South Africa (so please bear with a couple of sections that are spotty), but I thought it would be cool to get Andrew’s perspective near the beginning of his journey and also at the end. The first part of this conversation takes place in March 2018, and the second half in early December 2018.

Show Resources:

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Coverage on ESPN

Non-profit beneficiaries: Habitat for Humanity, One Heart for Kids, and The Sunflower Fund

Ubuntu and its etymology and meaning

Table Mountain Geology and Significance in South Africa