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Today on the show I have Andrew Muse, a multi-sport athlete, photographer/cinematographer, producer and story teller. He has been in the action sports industry for the last 10 years and routinely works with some of the biggest brands in the biz.

He’s perhaps best known for his online adventure series called Tiny Home Adventure, where he travels the world in a custom bad ass van while exploring and playing hard with his dog kicker.

A couple of years ago, Andrew was in a horrible accident coming back from his sisters wedding, when he fell asleep at the wheel and rammed into an 18 wheel tractor trailer. As his camper burst into flames and was crushed into little more than a big pile of shredded metal, he came to and realized he had lost not only everything he owned, but also the one thing that mattered to him most.

I’ll let Andrew tell you the story in his own words. Also, I’ve split this episode into two parts, so check out part 2 for the rest of Andrew’s story and some

helpful tips on content creation, working with brands, social media, and breaking out of the 9-5.


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